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  • Librety dancer pants and Melilot shirt

    It’s really nice weather here in Latvia lately. Hot days are finally here and I was in a big need of some casual pants. You all know that feeling that you have full closet of clothes but nothing to wear. To avoid that I started to work more thoughtful on my sewing projects lately and make clothing sets or think how I can combine my makes with each other. So this month I put on my sewing table these Liberty print dancer pants and Melilot shirt.

    IMG_7745 IMG_7741 IMG_7744 IMG_7750 IMG_7762

    These are loose pants with some pleats at the front, two pockets, invisible zipper on the side, waistband with belt loops, fabric belt and elastic gathering at the cuffs. I chose Spanish sewing pattern magazine Patrones pattern. Some years ago one of my friends was living in Spain and that time she provide me with some sewing magazines. But this was the first time I used the pattern from the magazine.
    Fabric is Liberty tana lawn “Tiny Dancer” (colorway A). Look how awesome they are. I love to dance, but lately I had to put this passion a side for a while. At least I have these dancer pants now :). It is thin and breathable fabric and I love how I feel in these pants in hot summer days, I almost feel them. They are very comfy because of elastic cuffs too.

    IMG_7752 IMG_7755 IMG_7756

    When I saw this Deer&Doe MELILOT shirt pattern I fell in love! I desperately needed it because of button down closure. This is a French pattern company sewing pattern, they provide only paper patterns, no PDF patterns. This pattern was not cheap, it is 14 Eur. But I needed it. I thought if I will use this pattern for several shirts, it will be worth it. I traced out size 40 (the measurements where perfect my postpartum body measurements) and it turned out perfect for my body. No pattern changes was made. I used organic cotton and bamboo mix fabric. It is so soft and lovely feel. As it is handloomed in India, it has some imperfections seen but I don’t bother them. It was little bit challenging for me to sew with pattern which have added seam allowances. I am used to my own width seam allowances and sewing technique. But I managed it 🙂
    I like to combine them also with simple jersey top.

    IMG_7747 IMG_7760 IMG_7761 IMG_7804
    Pants pattern: magazine “Patrones”
    Fabric Liberty Tana Lawn “Tiny dancers” (colorway A)
    Shirt pattern: Deer&Doe Melilot shirt
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    Zanda Baha
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