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  • New Liberty floral skirt collection for women in the shop!

    It’s finally here! I dreamed about my first women’s clothing collection for a while. And as always we stay more productive when we have less time. Now when I spend all my day side by side with my baby boy, it was little bit challenging to find time for new things. But I am more than satisfied with this floral skirt collection for romantic You made from beautiful bold floral prints from Liberty of London cotton Lawn.


    I made my first Liberty Art London fabric skirts about year ago, before I was pregnant with my youngest son. They are beautiful skirt, from turquoise fabric with strawberry thief print with silky touch but sewn from cotton lawn with elastic waist and 2 inseam pockets. While I was pregnant I borrowed them to my sister and they become her favorite skirt to wear at work and as a everyday skirt. She received many compliments about them and felt beautiful. After my son was born I got back my skirt and continued to wear them happily. My happiness key is skirts with elastic waist, but still elegant. Since my waist circumference is floating (not only on account of pregnancy pad, but also on a daily basis) skirt on elastic waist are ‘must have’ in my wardrobe. And I thought, I’m not the only one who wants to fit into her favorite skirt before and after having a baby. And believe me, skirts on elastic are very comfy! Proven clothing piece in mommy rush life.

    Lately my friend also asked about similar skirts for her and her daughters. We chose beautiful feather print Liberty fabric for her and you can see the result in the following pictures.

    IMG_0353 IMG_0364 IMG_0381 IMG_0395 IMG_0406s IMG_0410 IMG_0415 IMG_0421 IMG_0432 IMG_0466 IMG_0509 IMG_0540 IMG_0565 IMG_0574 IMG_0576 IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0616 IMG_0617

    We spend great time in the forest, my hubby took the pictures of me and my friend modeling the skirts. We are not the models, but we tried to bring you the feel of lightness and comfort these skirts ensure while wearing.

    IMG_0629 IMG_0645 IMG_0651 IMG_0662 IMG_0696 IMG_0704

    This skirt collection are finally available for purchased in our Etsy shop. Do not miss your dream skirt purchase, as most of them are one of a kind!  Head on over for the entire collection HERE.

    Par autoru:
    Zanda Baha
    Caur maniem rakstiem Tu uzzināsi, kā sašūt kvalitatīvu apģērbu, kas atspoguļo Tavu būtību. Iepazīsi audumus, kas dziedē mūsu planētu. Un izveidosi ilgtspējīgu garderobi, kas priecēs Tevi ikdienā.


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